Gaja Majewska

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A newspaper is source of information, it is an object of everyday use, close to people in direct contact. In my piece, flat surface of pages grows to become large-scale and multi-dimensional.

Delicate, fragile paper becomes robust thanks to attaching of subsequent elements. The structure is subject to the laws of physics and at the same time it is fighting them.

In contrast to the installation, painstakingly woven in an endless process, the painting is a record of pure expression, a clipping of space, its negative.

Gaja Majewska

Newspaper pages come first. After being rolled, they become thin tubes. Bonded with one another, extended, spread, they begin to form openwork structures. Several metres high, slender carcasses of pillars. Peculiar ones, as they do not carry anything. Rather, it is them that have hard time with their self-supporting existence.

Gaja Majewska makes sure that they climb up, but she does not do it like a constructor, but rather like a naïve builder, “freehand”, with stitches of a lace-maker, reluctant to geometry. This makes forms created by her resonate with the world of organic matter, they become even less clear, and open up semantic fields.

Space upthrusts from a flat newspaper. Every-day matter reveals a wealth of references.

Graphic has become sculptural. Naivety – maturity. And vice versa.

Romuald Woźniak, Associate Professor

B. 1992; first-cycle studies at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the years 2011–2014. Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, photography, painting, drawing.