Elena Leszczyńska

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“I can even fly. But I will not speak about it, as no one would believe me”.
Daniil Kharms

While working on the film I Am the World based on poetry of a pre-war Russian absurdist Daniil Kharms, I searched among contemporary authors for someone whose perception of paradoxes of the surrounding world would be dear to me. My choice fell on a Romanian-French playwright and poet Matei Vişniec, or more specifically on his short play Decomposed Theatre or The Human Traschen. From it I drew the title for my next film The Man in the Circle and prepared a series of photographs of puppets. In I Am the World the main character is my dash, and in The Man in the Circle actors will be artificial people, whose portraits, together with I Am the World form my degree piece.

Elena Leszczynska

Elena is a colourful personality, smiling, warm towards people, and every encounter and correction meeting with her were a great pleasure for me as an observer of her artistic activities.

Elena Leszczyńska has talents due to the fact that she owns a great computer, namely her brain and imagination, which combined with lively intelligence and curiosity of everyday surroundings, allow her to complete countless diverse ideas, most of which can be disclosed and accepted.

I will follow closely her remarkable achievements in future, with a belief in artistic development and success I expect of her.

Professor Rosław Szaybo

Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (2004) and the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014). Film and TV actress. For her part in the film Little Moscow received the Polish Film Award: Eagle. She creates graphics and music performances and films based on contemporary classical music and surrealist literary pieces. Designed artwork for Cracow Duo’s album recordings Dedications and Polish Cello Music. Solo exhibitions: Graphics, Zamek Cieszyn, 2010; In Depot, Mabellini Delio, Warsaw, 2013; It’s Not Them, It’s the Others, National House Gallery, Cieszyn, 2013.