Krzysztof Sokolovski

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My degree piece marked the beginning of the search for symbols of unity of spirit and matter. I made the structure of symbols resemble construction of the biblical Ark of the Covenant. The layer of paint became cherub for me, mercy seat was replaced by painting support, and what is hidden beneath it, can be found in the construction of world and human soul. My artistic representation attempts to modernise and adapt the sacred to the contemporary world. Spirituality of the world perceived by man is a constant, but its expression has to reflect the level of scientific knowledge and current perception of reality.



Krzysztof Sokołowski

Art can be a tool facilitating and enhancing contact with the sphere of the sacred, it can serve highlighting the divine presence. In this sense, its ancillary nature gives the works of sacred art features of applied art. An icon – an image associated with spiritual experience, is a testament and at the same time a link and experience given to us so that we can overcome limitations and resistance posed by the matter when we want to look into another dimension of space, the space of spirit, the space of extra-sensory perception of reality of the Kingdom of God. The man situated between the matter and spirit constantly makes this choice when approaching an icon. Contemplation, however, allows opening up like a window to the unknown.

Works of Krzysztof Sokolovski are devoted to the search for the sacred. His inquiry, now focused on the art of icon, has resulted in development of the concept of a reliquary icon, with its foundation in reflection on commonality between the theology of the East and the West, where elements of material world (relics) and spiritual space (canon of icon) are combined. These pieces, highly contemplative in nature, mark the beginning of his quest for a general pattern through art.

Andrzej Rysiński, Associate Professor

B. 1985; studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (2009–2012) and in Warsaw (2012–2014). Awarded by the Rector of the Academy in Gdańsk for organising the International Festival of Young Art “IFYart” in Lithuania, 2011. Solo exhibitions: Reliquary Icon, “Polish Community” Association, Warsaw and ICONart Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art, Lviv, 2013; presentation of the degree piece, The Polish House in Eišiškes (Lithuania), 2014. Awarded in the “artNoble 2014” competition for the best degree piece from a Polish art school at Miasto Gwiazd Festival, Żyrardów, 2014.