Mateusz Wójcik

author biographical note degree piece

My degree piece concerns three aspects: exercise of imagination and improvement of technique, contrast of matter and form, the study of tension. Developing the sculpture was very demanding, starting from the design stage, through organisation of material, to technically difficult processing.

Mateusz Wójcik

Tight, flexible planes make up a form resembling architecture. The tensions caused by stretching and compression used in the project, typical of flexible material, were implemented using MARBLE – a material with completely different properties. Mateusz Wójcik brought the form to the limits of the material, and he came close to perfection. He revealed new emotions and activity – not only in space.

Professor Antoni Janusz Pastwa

B. 1990; first-cycle studies at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the years 2011–2014. Field of artistic activity: sculpture/installation.