Paulina Ostasz

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My project is a response to a real need to create an exhibition venue for the rich collection of design of the National Museum in Warsaw. I insisted that my functional solutions met the needs of a contemporary design museum, which should be a centre with a broad education and exhibition programme. Developing the project of design exhibition I was using modern formal solutions, nevertheless harmonising with the existing industrial architecture of the Schicht complex.

Paulina Ostasz

Interest in the 2011 exhibition We Want To Be Modern. Polish Design 1955–1968 in the National Museum in Warsaw has validated the need to provide a permanent venue for exhibition of history of Polish art of design, tailored to the modern museum needs.

Design by Paulina Ostasz is a notable proposal to make up for shortcomings in this area. The decision to locate the Centre in the currently deteriorating, historic Schicht Factory in the Warsaw district of Praga, resulted from concern for proper management of post-industrial monuments in Poland. The concept of adaptation of historic factory is logically consistent and includes three zones: Centre for Modern Design, a permanent exhibition of design, office space. The project includes comprehensive solution of individual zones in architectural and artistic terms.

Well prepared functional and utility programme as well as holistic approach to the project, involving the issues of architecture, interior, exhibition, graphic and landscape design (appendix under Dr. E. Myjak-Sokołowska) were decisive for high quality of the study.

Professor Henryka Noskiewicz-Gałązka

B. 1988; studied at the Faculty of Interior Design and Stage Design of the University of Arts in Poznań (2008–2012) and the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2012–2014). Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2013); scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Active in the field of residential and public use interior design. First prize in the Designed for Poznań competition. Participated in post-competition exhibitions: Milan Design Week, DMY International Design in Berlin, Arena Design in Poznań.